Tasty and Easy Baby Led Weaning Foods

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So you’ve read up on baby led weaning bought an appropriate bib , and want to give baby led weaning a whirl! But what foods should you feed your baby? Below, we discuss some tasty but easy options for starting your BLW journey so you don’t have to resort to plain and boring foods. After all, this process is meant to introduce your baby to exciting tastes and textures, not to teach them how to hate their veggies!

Toast Sticks

Toast sticks are easy but versatile, and you can switch up the toppings with whatever you have on hand. Cut slices of bread into batons and supplement with a topping of your choice. Some common additions to toast sticks include mashed avocados, peas, and sweet potato, which can be used as a spread. Other popular choices are scrambled eggs, torn pieces of ham, or cheese, which can either be served on top or on the side. A fun alternative is to offer your kid a variety with a mini “toast-bar” and a small sampling of different ingredients.

Soft Cooked Veggies

Soft Cooked Veggies Soft cooked veggies are one of the quickest and simplest BLW foods and can be served cold or warm. Be sure you don’t overcook the veggies--veggies should be graspable and should not fall apart in the hand. Yummy alternatives to plain veggies are: cooled roasted potatoes, sweet potato wedges, and pickle spears. Once your child is a bit older, you can offer dips like hummus or salsa along with the veggies. Raw veggies should be avoided until your child is older so that they don’t pose a choking hazard. The same goes for small round veggies like peas, which are also more difficult to grab for younger children.


Opt for mid-size and easily graspable pasta shapes such as penne, fusilli, or cut fettuccine. If you have a very young baby or a child that is new to BLW, refrain from serving pastas that are sauce-heavy. Instead, make a pasta salad that has a variety of shapes and textures that are easy to pick up. A pasta salad with chicken, parmesan, and bell pepper strips is a flavorful alternative. If your babe is big enough for a saucy pasta, make sure you protect their clothes with a full-coverage bib.

“Chips” and Dip

Even babies need a fun treat every now and then! While traditional potato and tortilla chips are too hard for babies, you can make pita “chips” at home. Cut pitas into large triangles and toast very briefly. Test to make sure they are still a bit soft--these shouldn’t be crunchy like the ones you buy at the store. They can be served with sliced or shredded proteins (e.g. shredded chicken or cheese slices).

Marinated Proteins

Though sauces can be tricky depending on your baby’s age and motor skills, this doesn’t mean you have to serve bland proteins. Cooled roasted chicken (without skin), soy-marinated tofu, and meatballs that have been sauteed in sauce and sliced are all ways to start introducing new and exciting flavors to your babe.

Remember, food should be cut so that it is easy to hold. Follow “The Finger Rule,” which recommends cutting food into batons that are roughly the size of your index finger. This also reduces the likelihood of choking. As your babe grows, they’ll be able to grab and eat smaller foods. To find out more about baby led weaning basics, check out our Baby Led Weaning 101 guide on Bibbrella.com! Don't forget to grab a baby led weaning full-coverage bib to save you time at mealtime!

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