Mealtime Tips for Busy Parents

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Bven though our babies are our top priority, it can often feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to provide the wholesome meals they deserve. Here are some tips for a busy schedule that not only streamlines meals but also makes more time for other things like playing and relaxing with your little one.

Skip Formalities

Before baby came along, you might’ve won awards for your dinner setting and plating skills. But now is not the time to fuss over the details (unless you absolutely love to and this is how you carve out some me-time for yourself!). Having others serve themselves saves you time and stress and can even help the younger ones feel more ownership over mealtimes. This can be done by using a utensil caddy and setting a stack of plates/ bowls on the table. Feel free to plop down the entire pot of pasta and have older family members serve themselves while you tend to the baby.

Embrace Meal Prep

Meal prep can feel like yet another task on top of the million things that are already on the to-do list. Meal prep doesn’t always reduce the amount of work -- cilantro chopped on Sunday takes the same amount of time as cilantro chopped on a weekday, after all -- but it does save time when it matters. Instead of cutting veggies for Taco Tuesday after work like your life depends on it, all you have to do is open the fridge to find that you magically have one less thing to do! Meal-prepping also allows you to strategically plan and use leftovers for your busiest days.

Don’t Make Separate Meals

An additional benefit of meal prep is that you can devise meals that eliminate extra cooking. For example, steam some veggies for your baby and use the rest to mix into a stir fry for you and/or the rest of the family.

Save New Foods for When You Have Time

Experimenting with new foods and ingredients is a natural part of the growing process and should be encouraged. But we all know that even the most well-behaved babies have their fussy days. Not sure if your young one will like broccoli? Save it for a day when you have the time and energy to try it out (and possibly make an alternate meal if your child absolutely refuses). Trying new foods when you’re busy can quickly devolve into a stressful mealtime for both you and your babe.

Make Mealtime Accessories Work for You

Having the right tools for mealtime can help chip away at the growing pile of dishes and laundry. For instance, a microwave-safe bowl or plate with a lid can help minimize dishes, as you won’t need to transfer uneaten food from a plate to tupperware to another plate for re-serving.

Use Full-Coverage Baby Bibs

Another useful accessory is the full-length baby bib. One like Bibbrella is especially practical for busy, on-the-go parents. Full-coverage bibs keep your baby’s clothes clean, which equal less mess and stress for you! Plus, if you aren’t able to tend to the laundry right away, Bibbrella bibs come with a strap that lets you conveniently and securely stow it away until you have a chance to throw it in the washer.

Hectic schedules can make mealtimes feel like an incredibly stressful part of the day. However, with a little help and prep, dinner no longer has to be a scary mess; it can be a chance to bond and care for your child, as it should be. Click here for even more suggestions directly from parents on the Bibbrella team!

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