Holiday Food Pairings for Baby Led Weaning

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The holidays can be a maddening time of the year. As if meal prep wasn’t crazy enough as it is, you might find yourself tasked with making a dinner to accommodate a crowd that’s double the size of your usual dinner time audience!

A little (and we do mean little) planning can go a long way in saving you some time and energy during the holidays when you may be especially busy. Avoid making separate dishes and plan your child’s meals before the holidays arrive to minimize mealtime chaos. Stress less with these holiday food ideas for baby led weaning that are not only festive but reduce the workload for you!

Turkey Strips and Gravyn

Just because your babe is small doesn't mean they have to miss out on the holiday yumminess! Cut roasted turkey into strips and provide cooled but still warm gravy that can be used as a dip.

Roasted Apple Cinnamon Slices

Is your babe tired of plain ol’ apple slices? Add a dash of cinnamon and bake to add a fall-inspired twist to this oldie but goodie. This one is especially a breeze if you’re planning on baking an apple pie anyway. Try pairing with yogurt or ice cream, depending on your feeding preferences and your child’s diet.

Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Simple enough, but a good choice for those little ones who are new to baby led weaning. Green beans are easy to grasp for babies and mashed potatoes are a familiar texture if your baby is switching over from purees to this method of weaning.

Spiced Pear Spears and Whipped Cream

Cut pears into spears before tossing in your desired mix of spices. Bake and let cool before enjoying and top with a small dollop of whipped cream for an extra fun eating experience!

Ham Slices and Yams

Yams are incredibly versatile and can be prepared to your little one’s liking. Whether the yams are served mushed, cubed, or halved, they’re a wholesome and nutrient-dense ingredient. Pair with ham slices for a warm, filling meal.

Toast Sticks and Cranberry Sauce

At last, a way to use up that cranberry sauce! Serve up toast sticks with lightly sweetened cranberry sauce for an easy Thanksgiving morning (or morning after) breakfast. Just be sure to grab a full coverage bib because this one might get messy!

Sweet Potato Noodles

If you’re looking for a dish that has autumn flavors but isn’t traditionally associated with holiday dinners, look no further. Sweet potatoes can be easily spiralized into noodles and combined with delicious, fall-time ingredients such as squash, mushrooms, chorizo slices, and more!

f you’re new to BLW, check out our Baby Led Weaning 101 guide to get you started. It includes some background info and important instructions for safe and appropriate food prep. Ready to try out some baby led weaning recipes? Grab a full length baby bib to help you weather those mealtime storms during this holiday season!

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