5 Things I Wish I Did Differently at Mealtime

Baby led weaning bib by Bibbrella

Weaning is an exciting time! Your babe is growing, developing motor skills, and discovering food preferences. But that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing in calm seas.

The tips in this post come directly from parents at Bibbrella. Read on for 5 things they wish they had done differently to help make mealtimes less stressful. We hope these tips help make meals easier for you too!

1. Feed Your Baby What You’re Eating

You’re not a short order cook and we can guess that you probably don’t have much spare time or energy to waste. A perk of baby led weaning is that you don’t have to prepare an entirely different meal for your child to eat. Just make sure the food is cut into appropriate sizes. Check out Bibbrella’s Baby Led Weaning 101 guide or detailed instructions!

2. Serve Dinner Family Style

Serving dinner family style doesn’t only save you the time normally spent on setting the table and plating food. It also empowers your baby to make their own choices about which foods to eat and how. This method encourages babies to make decisions, practice their motor skills, and develop communication skills. No need to get fancy--place pots and pans on the table so that everyone can help themselves.

3. Skip Setting the Table

We love a nicely set table just as much as the next person, but there’s no need to make things harder for yourself. Along with serving dinner family style, keep utensils in a portable caddy that you can simply plop on the table. This can also be applied to cleaning supplies--keep them consolidated in a portable basket next to the mop or broom. That way, you can grab everything at once rather than going back and forth to grab sprays and paper towels.

4. Get Others Involved

Enlist the help of others in your home. Dinnertime is a production and you need a supporting cast to get a hot meal on the table! If you have a partner, other kids, or additional family members, get them involved! Having kids participate in preparing dinner can encourage picky eaters to join in on the feast.

5. Let Go

We know--easier said than done. But if you give it a try, you might realize that half the stress of mealtime is micromanaging what and how your baby eats, making sure they’re not making a mess, and cleaning each spill as it happens. Instead, try letting go! Products such as full coverage bibs can help contain the mess and make cleanup more manageable. Not to mention, the less stressed you are the more you create a positive eating experience for your growing babe.

here’s no denying how chaotic mealtime can be with a little one. Luckily, there are practical steps you can take to minimize the stress: Minimize prep, enlist help, and take advantage of products such as Bibbrella’s full coverage bib to help reduce your workload. Take a glance at our other blog posts to find out more about how you can make mealtime enjoyable for everyone

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