Hello Summer: Fun Activities to Do with Your Babe

Here are some activities that will help you and your baby create lasting memories and enjoy summer together.

June 1, 2023

Photo by David Straight

Summer is finally here, bringing with it warm sunshine, blooming flowers, and endless opportunities for outdoor fun. As a new parent, you might be wondering how to make the most of this vibrant season with your little one. Look no further! In this blog post, we'll explore a variety of delightful activities that will help you create lasting memories and enjoy the beauty of summer together with your baby. From picnics in the park to splashing in the water, get ready to embrace the season with open arms!

Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts

May is synonymous with blooming flowers and gentle sunshine, making it the perfect time to dress your baby in soft pastel hues. Think mint green, baby blue, blush pink, and buttery yellow. Opt for onesies, rompers, or dresses in these soothing shades, paired with matching accessories like headbands or bow ties. Pastels exude a delicate charm and are ideal for outdoor gatherings or family outings.

Water Play and Splash Pads

Floral prints are a timeless choice for May fashion. Dress your little girl in a sweet floral dress or a romper with blooming patterns. For boys, go for shirts or onesies adorned with tiny flowers or botanical designs. Floral accessories like headbands, bowties, or beanies can add an extra touch of cuteness to their ensemble. Whether it's a playdate or a picnic in the park, your baby will be a garden of charm.

Picnics in the Park

Incorporate playful patterns into your baby's May wardrobe for a fun and vibrant look. Polka dots, stripes, or animal prints are all excellent options. Dress your little one in a striped onesie or a romper with adorable animal motifs. You can also mix and match patterns by layering a polka-dot top with patterned leggings or vice versa. These outfits are perfect for playdates, family photos, or even just a day of playtime at home.

Baby-Friendly Beach Days

May often brings milder temperatures, allowing for more relaxed and comfortable outfits. Dress your baby in soft cotton onesies, leggings, or joggers paired with cozy sweatshirts or cardigans. Opt for breathable and stretchy fabrics that allow for easy movement. Comfortable fashion doesn't have to compromise style, so choose outfits with cute prints or appliques that keep your baby looking adorable while ensuring they can move and explore with ease.

Outdoor Music and Movement

As the sun gets stronger, it's crucial to protect your baby's delicate skin from harmful rays. Opt for outfits with built-in sun protection, such as wide-brimmed hats, rompers with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric, or lightweight long-sleeved shirts. Choose light and breathable materials that offer sun protection without causing discomfort. These outfits are perfect for outdoor adventures, beach trips, or any sunny day activity.

In addition to these fun activities, make sure you're equipped with the right gear for your baby's summer adventures. One essential item to consider is Bibbrella bibs, specially designed to keep your baby clean and comfortable during mealtimes and outdoor explorations. These innovative bibs feature a built-in, adjustable sunshade that provides protection from the sun while keeping your baby's face and neck shielded from harmful UV rays. With Bibbrella bibs, you can enjoy worry-free mealtime and outdoor play, knowing that your little one is not only stylish but also well-protected from the summer sun.


Welcoming summer with your baby opens up a world of exciting possibilities for adventure and bonding. Whether you choose to explore nature, engage in water play, enjoy picnics, visit the beach, or participate in outdoor music sessions, the key is to savor every moment and create cherished memories. Embrace the warmth, sunshine, and beauty of the season, and watch your baby's eyes light up with wonder. Summer is a time of joy, growth, and connection, so get out there and make the most of it with your little one by your side!

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