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Read Natalie and Ashley's stories about how their maternal love led to innovative baby products that make parenting easier.

November 16, 2023


In the whirlwind of motherhood, where every day seems like a juggling act between nurturing, guiding, and making life as enjoyable as possible for our little ones, one mother's personal experience led to the creation of something truly exceptional. Welcome to the heartwarming story of how Ashley, the founder and CEO of Happy Grub, and Natalie, the founder and CEO of Bibbrella came up with innovative products that makes parenting a tad easier and a lot more enjoyable. I was so honored to be able to interview Ashley and Natalie and hear their truly remarkable stories about how they came up with the idea of Happy Grub and Bibbrella. Happy Grub and Bibbrella are not just baby products; they're a testament to how two mothers' journeys can inspire innovation and result in something truly remarkable. These are Ashley and Natalie's story.

Nicole: Can you share a bit about your personal experience as a mother that led to the creation of your baby products?

Ashley: As a mom, I've experienced the challenges of finding products that are not only safe and reliable but also fun and engaging for kids. My personal experience led to the creation of Happy Grub as I was determined to develop something that I felt was missing in the market. It's a product born out of love and the desire to make the parenting journey a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Natalie: So I created Bibbrella when Archer was a baby and he had eczema and he was also a messy eater, unlike Rex my other son. I had to find a bib for him to cover his lap because the torso bibs weren't working. And when I researched for a full-coverage bib, there was nothing on the market. So that's how Bibbrella came to be.

Nicole: What sets your baby products apart from others in the market? What makes it unique or innovative?

Ashley: What truly sets Happy Grub apart is its innovative design and the attention to detail in addressing both parents' and kids' needs. The product combines functionality and aesthetics, making it not just a practical choice but also a delightful one. It offers a unique blend of safety, durability, and engagement that I believe is unmatched in the market.

Natalie: The thing that sets Bibbrella apart is that it is full length and it covers the knees for the baby. And also, because of the bunching that would happen with the center part that goes where the crotch area is, we have that, and I didn't see anything else out there in the market like that. So that prevents food from getting their legs and pants dirty. The other thing too is that although there are bibs out there that kind of do the same thing, where they protect the food or protect your clothes, what I noticed and didn't like is that you're having your baby eating on top of the bib. I don't like the idea of my child eating on plastic and I don't know what PFAs are in there and how much it's tainting the food.

Nicole: Finally, can you share any success stories or heartwarming feedback from parents who have used your baby products?

Ashley: Absolutely, the feedback we've received from parents who have incorporated Happy Grub into their family routines has been heartwarming. One story that particularly touched us was from a mother who shared how Happy Grub transformed her morning routine with her kids. She mentioned that the squeezable bottle format not only made it incredibly easy for her little ones to take an active role in preparing breakfast, but it also turned their breakfast into a creative bonding experience. She told us about her daughter, who was initially a picky eater, but became excited about breakfast because she could create her own pancake art with Happy Grub. This newfound enthusiasm for mealtime not only reduced morning stress but also encouraged her daughter to explore other foods and develop a healthier eating habit.

In another instance, a busy working mom shared how Happy Grub had become her go-to solution for breakfast. She expressed that the time-saving aspect of the product allowed her to spend more quality moments with her kids before they headed off to school and daycare. She felt that Happy Grub was not just about pancakes; it was about creating precious family memories amidst the morning rush.

These stories are the true driving force behind Happy Grub. We're committed to making a positive impact on families by offering a product that not only simplifies breakfast but also adds joy and togetherness to their daily routines. It's incredibly rewarding to know that Happy Grub has become a part of these heartwarming family moments.

Natalie: We have received so many heartfelt and wonderful stories about how Bibrella has not only made mealtime stress-free, but also mess-free. A lot of moms tell us that meal-time has now become enjoyable for them. We have also recently heard that a lot of moms have been using our bibs for other activities and other age groups as well. We have had one mom who is now using her Bibbrella bib on her toddler who loves to do arts and crafts. This mom now has her toddler wearing our bib whenever she paints so her clothes stay dry and stain-free! 

We also had another mom tell us that her experience with Bibbrella had helped her on a trip to Disneyland with her baby! Her toddler wanted Disney's infamous turkey leg and those things are huge! She said that it was very easy for her to pack it in her park bag and take it out when it was time to use it! She was so greateful that our bib kept her babe clean so that she didn't have to bring an extra set of clothes!

The fact that our product has helped busy, hard-working moms take control of mealtime is what makes us feel like our product is making a real difference.

You can check out Happy Grub's website here.

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Instead of purees and mushy foods, BLW opts for cut foods, which encourage independence and motor skill development.

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Instead of purees and mushy foods, BLW opts for cut foods, which encourage independence and motor skill development.